NSW Premier's Council for Active Living (PCAL) 2004 - 2016


Active Living NSW emerged from the NSW Premier's Council for Active Living (PCAL).  PCAL was established in 2004 and followed on from the NSW Physical Activity Taskforce (1996 and 2002).  It aimed to build and strengthen the physical and social environments in which communities engage in active living and healthy eating. It comprised senior representatives from across government, industry and the community sector.

PCAL's activities were informed by better practice recommendations that highlight the need for high-level interagency collaboration as a key component of a comprehensive strategy to increase health promoting physical activity and healthy eating.

PCAL's focus was on initiating policy change through the provision of strategic advice and advocacy.


PCAL's Terms of Reference


  • To provide the Premier with expert advice on the best ways to promote healthy eating and physical activity in NSW.

  • To raise awareness and drive population level behaviour change in healthy eating and physical activity in NSW by supporting evidence-based policies in alignment with NSW 2021: A Plan to Make NSW Number One goals, targets and activities.

  • To initiate and build sustainable partnerships within Government and with industry and the non-government sector that promote healthy eating and physical activity.


PCAL produced a number of resources and case studies to support the promotion of active living and healthy eating in NSW.  

An archived version of the PCAL website can be viewed here:  http://webarchive.nla.gov.au/gov/20180314183642/http://www.pcal.nsw.gov.au/


On 31st August 2016 notification was received that a decision had been made to discontinue PCAL.  To view the official communique, click here.

Active Living NSW was established to continue key pieces of work previously carried out by PCAL.

PCAL resources can still be accessed on the Active Living NSW website here.


PCAL Achievements

A document highlighting PCAL's history and achievements can be viewed here.