NSW Healthy Planning Expert Working Group

NSW Healthy Planning Expert Working Group


The Healthy Planning Expert Working Group (HPEWG) is an independent NSW expert group which was originally formed in 2012 around a common interest to advocate for the inclusion of a health object in the EP&A Act during the 2012/2013 review of the NSW Planning System.  The Group was successful in getting a health object into the draft NSW Planning Bill (2013), however the Bill never made it through the Upper House and the amendments to the Act never passed.  In 2014, the Group advocated for the inclusion of Action 3.3.1 in A Plan for Growing Sydney (the regional strategy for Greater Sydney) which identifies the need to prepare healthy planning guidelines that will encourage the development of healthy communities.


The Group continues to engage with the Department of Planning and Environment, the Greater Sydney Commission and Transport for NSW around healthy planning matters in planning policy and legislation. It sees its role as one of advocacy and provision of expert advice.


Active Living NSW coordinates and provides the secretariat for the HPEWG.


HPEWG Priorities


  1. Provide advice and guidance on strategic opportunities to utilise the NSW planning and transport planning systems to promote human health across the State.

  2. Provide advice and guidance on the dissemination, application and utilisation of ‘healthy planning research’.

  3. Initiate and build sustainable partnerships across NSW Government, industry, the community sector and academic healthy planning stakeholders to advocate about NSW healthy planning issues.


HPEWG Submissions



Submission to the proposed amendments to the EP&A Act

Submission to the Greater Sydney Commission's draft District Plans and Towards our Greater Sydney 2056


HPEWG Action Resources


The HPEWG have prepared a series of Action Resources to support NSW councils and other interested parties to implement healthy built environments and active living in their communities. These documents outline the case for healthy built environments with the latest research, the NSW policy and legislative context, and provides some implementation tips for NSW councils.


The Action Resources are available for download here