Healthy Planning

Planning for Healthy Communities


The way cities and neighbourhoods are designed affects whether or not it is easy for people to walk, cycle, to participate in active recreation or use public transport, and to interact with neighbours and other community members:  all activities that contribute to lifelong health and wellbeing (Healthy Spaces and Places)


Our built environment counts
Our cities and towns need to make it easy for people to be active and to easily access fresh, affordable, nutritious food – from local shops or nearby community gardens. This can only happen if health and urban design professionals work together on strategies to make walking easy, promote recreation, and provide open and green space.

(Tackling childhood obesity, NSW State Government)


Active Living NSW is working with the NSW Healthy Planning Expert Working Group (HPEWG) to advocate for healthy built environments that promote healthy and active lifestyles.


To read more about what the HPEWG is doing, click here.


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